Caroline Crête is a French freelance photographer for 5 years. She has earned her keep in profession by paying keen attention to detail and believing that in every image there is a story to be told.

She is a convinced environmentalist, and her work is a kind echo of several ecological issues. As a sensitive observer of endangered cultures and traditions, she decided to travel a part of the globe to create dramatic portrait, and lifestyle images. Moreover, this nature lover takes protographs of scenic landscapes. She hardly thinks respect goes though wonderment.
Where you can find life, there is also decay... As everyone, Caroline is attracted by « the light » (beautiful people, fanstatic scenes of joy, natural beauties), but she has a fascination for darkness too. Abandoned places, forgotten buildings, bruised industries are the other main part of her art. By using lights, fragile lines, dark shadows, she is giving a testimony for the next generations.